Give the gift of better health: Christmas inspiration from Macromo

Give the gift of better health: Christmas inspiration from Macromo

The upcoming Christmas season brings not only joyful moments, but also an opportunity to express your love and care for loved ones. If you're looking for an original and meaningful gift to delight your friends and family, check out Macromo's Christmas inspiration. Our Christmas packages bring not only joy, but also health and understanding.

Silent Night: Peaceful sleep for mind and body

The Christmas season can be full of joy, but also stressful for many of us. That's why this test is the perfect gift for those who need to relax and focus on their health.

The 'Tichá noc' package includes the Sleep and Stress test, which gives you a deeper insight into how everyday stress affects your life. This test provides information on cortisol levels at three key points during the day, allowing you to better manage stress and improve the quality of your sleep.

Who should get this package?

Anyone who needs to take a break from their hectic life and find calm in stressful times. Give them the gift of calmer nights and days full of energy with a smile on their face.

Bringing you a news: News from DNA for your health

The "Neseme vám noviny" package brings interesting insights about your body from your DNA to those who are curious and want to take control of their health. This comprehensive test analyses your genetic predispositions and opens the way to a healthier, longer and more active life.

Although DNA testing can seem complicated, we strive to present all results in an accessible and understandable way. We emphasize ethical and careful communication of results and offer a free consultation with an expert. In addition to the results, you will also receive simple tips and recommendations for a healthier lifestyle and effective prevention.

Who should get this package?

This Christmas, the DNA test is the perfect gift for those seeking a deeper understanding of their health. Give the gift of better health to those you want to keep close to for as long as possible.

Health has arrived to you: A Personal Guide to Healthy Living

For those who want to have it all, we have prepared the perfect gift package. This package includes a blood test for a man or woman and a Macromo DNA Premium genetic test, which offers complete insight into genetic predisposition and overall health. This is a comprehensive wellness package that covers key health indicators for both genders.

The "Zdraví přišlo k vám" package has two options - one for men and one for women. The blood tests in these packages provide clear information on current health. For men, it checks diabetes, cardiovascular health, liver function, prostate health and testosterone levels. For women, it provides an overview of health including diabetes, cardiovascular health and liver function, with an emphasis on thyroid health.

Who should get this package?

The perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones who are determined to better understand their health and want all the information at their fingertips. It's also a great choice for couples who want to embark on a health journey together.

Christmas time should be full of joy and happiness. With our Christmas packages, you can give gifts that will have a lasting impact on the health and lives of your loved ones. Whether it's a solution to stress or an in-depth look into their DNA, our Christmas packages allow you to choose the most suitable gift for each of your friends and family. Give them a memorable and meaningful Christmas that will put them on the path to better health.

We wish you a happy and healthy Christmas!

Give the most precious thing. Better health.