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Monitor and improve most important indicators of your health

"Macromo is a great way to have all your health information in one place and track long-term trends, plus you get interpretation." - Vojta from Brain We Are

Clear and easy-to-understand results in the Macromo app
Clear and easy-to-understand results in the Macromo app
Easy tests from the comfort of your home
Easy tests from the comfort of your home
Consult your results with a specialist free of charge
Consult your results with a specialist free of charge

Meaningful Insights into your Health

Early Detection of any Irregularities
Timely interventions through lifestyle adjustments will help you live a healthy life and avoid future health problems.

Easy-to-understand Results
You get all your results in a Macromo mobile app which connects all your health data on one place and provides personalized recommendations for your healthier lifestyle.

Long-term Monitoring of Key Biomarkers
To understand how your lifestyle affects your health, Macromo allows you to monitor overtime trends of your key health markets.

  • "This saliva test determines what diseases you are at risk of and also advises what exactly you should do to prevent them."

  • "Give you advise before diabetes or cancer develops. Macromo helps people improve their health."

  • "A genetic test will show predispositions to disease, food intolerances and your body's reaction to certain medications."

Improve your Health with the Right Tools

1000+ people trust Macromo

Your health is our top priority. See how Macromo tests have helped our customers live healthier and happier lives.

  • Pavla


    Macromo Blood Women's Health

    Macromo Blood Women's Health test was a game-changer! At-home blood sample collection was painless and easy to do. I found thyroid issue early, took action, and now I am confident to lead a healthier life!

  • Michal


    Macromo Blood Men's Health

    I learned that my LDL cholesterol levels were higher than recommended. This result motivated me to take action by making adjustments to my diet and incorporating more exercise into my daily routine.

  • Olga


    Macromo DNA Premium

    Thanks to a DNA test, I discovered that I am prone to vitamin B9 deficiency, which can affect my overall health. I also learned that my body may have problems metabolizing caffeine, which motivated me to cut back on coffee consumption in favor of other beverages.

Which test is right for you?

Frequently Asked Questions

How Macromo helps with disease prevention?

Macromo offers a complex approach to disease prevention, combining your genetic predispositions to certain diseases; blood work to assess your current health state; family history and lifestyle data. We believe that knowledge is power and when you have a complete picture, you can take actionable steps to prevent numerous diseases through lifestyle changes and regular monitoring.

What is the difference between a DNA test and a Blood test when it comes to disease prevention?

DNA test assesses your genetic risks of developing a number of diseases. These results do not change during your life - nor do they mean you will develop the diseases in question. The test indicates your predisposition, but you can prevent many diseases through lifestyle changes and regular check-ups. Blood tests assess your health at the moment. This is one of the most accurate lab tests - 70% of all medical diagnoses depend on blood work results. However, these results change over time, meaning you need to monitor your biomarkers regularly to be up-to-date with your health state.

How long does it take to collect the sample and process the results?

Sampling usually takes only a few minutes and you can easily do it yourself in the comfort of your own home. For our DNA tests, it consists of collecting about 2 ml of saliva in a vial of prepared stabilizing solution, which you will receive in the test kit together with a prepaid envelope for returning the sample. You will get your results in 60 days in the Macromo app.

For our blood tests, the process is simple and pain-free, as you collect a few ml of blood in two vials provided for you. After returning the sample following the same procedure as with the DNA kits, you will get your results in the Macromo app within 5 business days.

How will my data be stored and secured?

As a European based company, we follow strict GDPR rules when handling your personal data. We have set up the entire process so that your data is anonymous and completely safe.

All biological samples are processed and sequenced (read) in the European Union and once the process is complete, the samples are disposed of. Our partner labs are certified and follow ISO 17025 quality compliance processes and comply with GDPR to protect your security and privacy.

All data is your property at all times. You can download them or request their deletion from our secure storage at any time. We never sell your data to third parties.