Macromo acquires a new key partner for further growth

Macromo acquires a new key partner for further growth

After just three months of operation on the Czech market, we have strengthened our position thanks to a newly acquired investment from private investor Martin Radina. He is in charge of Spadia, one of the largest providers of laboratory medicine in the Czech Republic. He has now acquired a 6% stake in the company. We plan to use the investment to further penetrate the market, support the growth of our customer base, as well as to further develop and expand into new markets, not only in Europe. With this strategic combination, we gained a strong background that will enable us as a startup company to better navigate the laboratory diagnostics market. At the same time, we will benefit from the experience that an established partner has to offer, both in terms of management and in launching new products and technologies to the market.

Latest developments in the preventive care market

Direct sales of our genetic tests on the Czech market have been growing by hundreds of percent in recent months. We plan to focus our sales strategy mainly on the B2B customer segment. We have already established cooperation with leading pharmacy chains and hospitals, who will distribute our tests. We are also in discussions with a number of companies that want to offer DNA testing in combination with the Macromo health recommendations engine as one of their employee benefits.

The increase in the incidence of chronic diseases and the ageing of the population increases the demand for preventive diagnostics and especially genetic testing. But also the interest of young and active people in more accurate analysis of their health using technologies such as wearable fitness trackers is also helping to accelerate the already inevitable positive transformation of our healthcare system from reactive to preventive.

"DNA tests are useful in many areas and can be expected to shift medical care to adopting a personalized approach over time, and demand will grow, for example, among healthy adults seeking early identification or prevention of hereditary diseases," adds Martin Radina, explaining his motivation to support Macromo in its future growth.